12 April 2014

From the moment i saw you
(i close my eyes and still see)
you touched something inside me
(our first hug will be our last)
gave light, to unknown truths
you were mý mirror, shining the Light

since then, you are my source of knowledge
to answers i wasn’t aware i was searching for
to the deeper meaning of life
to live for myself, above all

so we cherish our days
indulge in our own special sanctuaries
with our own magic, belief and choice
making endlesss epic memories

even though i don’t see you as often as i’d like
i see you in my heart
i feel you in the wind
i hear you in the sound of music
i taste you, as the kitchenwitch
and i drink you my pretty
our blood rejoice as warriors
we share, so much more than more

May i say this to you
-my dearest friend-
as a honour to our friendship

Father. Smith. Warrior
Mother. Maiden. Crone.
I am your friend.
As you are mine.
From this day on.
Until the end of my days.

(c) Hanneliese April 2018

A warrior can be anyone that fights the good fight 😁


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